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Which fruits and vegetables can be preserved by modified atmosphere

Time:2021/7/14 14:36:34

The normal term of air conditioning method is to control the gas preservation, also known as CA method, which is a modern technology of keeping fruits and vegetables fresh, and has been widely used in production. The air conditioning method has good effect on keeping fresh. The fruits and vegetables we contact can almost reach the level of one storage and annual supply. The reason why the air conditioning and keeping fresh can achieve such a remarkable effect is mainly because of what. First, it is to look at the effect of air conditioning.

The so-called air conditioning is actually to manually adjust the main gas components in the air around the fruit vegetables, to create a new gas environment, so as to reduce the respiration of the fruits and vegetables and reduce the consumption to the minimum extent possible. More specifically, it is to reduce oxygen in the air, while properly increasing a little carbon dioxide and controlling the level that fruit vegetables can tolerate. Fruit vegetables are in the state of half asleep and half awake, and the respiration is reduced and consumption is reduced. For those fruits which are easily stimulated by ripening agents, such as bananas and tomatoes, they are not so easy to deteriorate in the air conditioning environment. In this low oxygen, high carbon dioxide environment, diseases and insect pests are also effectively alleviated. This is the reason why the effect of air conditioning is especially obvious.


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